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Facts About Our Solar Installation

  • The lower and middle school installation in September of 2018

  • A $1 million solar array was bought by Sun Dogs, LLC, a Norfolk Academy parent-owned company

  • The system generates about 610 kilowatts, or enough to power about 80 homes

  • It is tied to the Dominion Energy power grid, which means Dominion pays Norfolk Academy for electricity generated in excess of what we use

  • The owners of Sun Dogs, LLC (NA parents)  will fully recoup their investment in about 7 years

  • After the parents recoup their investment, the LLC will then give the solar array to the school

  • NA gets the solar array with no money out-of-pocket

  • Touch kiosks inside the school have a live dashboard that shows the real-time view of actual energy production used by the school

The Numbers

  • The solar panels generate about 325 watts each

  • Maintenance building:  150 panels

  • Middle school:  510 panels

  • Lower school:  1200 panels

  • The system produces about 610 kilowatts of power total

  • Total energy production has reduced the NA’s carbon footprint by about 30%

Benefits for Norfolk Academy

  • $80,000 annually in free electricity

  • Reduction in need for air conditioning

  • Increases life expectancy of our roof

  • Decreases the school’s carbon footprint

  • Sets a great example of sustainable, green energy production for Hampton Roads

  • Enables our students to learn first-hand about renewable energy